2004 Archives

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  2. Word To HP - Get Out of the Wireless Device Business
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  4. I Swear It's For My Brain Tumor
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  6. Customer Service in the Age of Google
  7. 9 Lives for X10?
  8. No One is Out There
  9. Glam Meets ABBA
  10. Human Voice as Transport Protocol
  11. Paid To Surf
  12. Knife-deflecting Apparel
  13. Reduce Wrinkles and Stop Sweating
  14. (Soda)pop Psychology
  15. Quicksilver
  16. Copying Hollywood, Iowa?
  17. When Imitation Isn't Flattering
  18. Senate Video Quality Control Act
  19. Automation Breeds Enslavement
  20. Ebook Still Does Not Equal Special Device
  21. If You've Ever Been A Car Passenger...
  22. Blogging kills the English Language