About Jake Ludington

Jake Ludington helps over 1,000,000 people answer their video and audio questions every month. From detailed tutorials on complicated video editing scenarios to finding useful tools for isolated problems, Jake provides ongoing research on the best methods for making Internet delivered video. A reasonably comprehensive list of Jake's writing can be found by searching Google for Jake Ludington. Jake continues in the tradition of providing users with useful digital media focused content in his Digital Lifestyle publication, which is available for free subscription here.

Jake is the author of numerous tutorials designed to simplify multimedia creation and publishing tasks. Jake's first book, Easy Digital Home Movies, published in 2004 by Que, teaches video editing for Windows XP to novices, converting old VHS tapes to DVD and more. He is the best-selling author of the Podcasting Starter Kit, a comprehensive guide to podcasting, and is the author of many other multimedia tutorials. Jake's enthusiasm for supporting the audio and video needs of Windows users is reflected with Microsoft MVP status from 2003-2012.

Jake publishes videos on YouTube and is the former producer of The Chris Pirillo Show.

In addition to his own entrepreneurial efforts, Jake occasionally provides consulting services on large scale video projects. He participated in developing standards and practices for Microsoft Mediaroom in Mountain View, California. While offering his consulting services Jake worked on developing ideal encoding parameters for IPTV on the Xbox 360 (code named Carbon), created encoding recipes for multiple high definition formats, and established optimized parameters for live encoded IPTV channels.

Jake is currently devoting a large percentage of his time to learning to read Chinese Hanzi characters and speak Mandarin fluently. As part of this passion for Chinese culture, he also maintains a site of Beijing travel information, which is part travelogue and part useful travel tips.

For more random thoughts and information from Jake, be sure to check out his blog, where he writes about everything from his family, to travel, to whatever irked him in his RSS reader on a given morning.

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I'm never disappointed with your publication, keep up the great work. You answer before I even ask! - S. G. S.

I'm sure this will be the best $$$ I'll spend this year. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me!!!!!!

Thanks for providing an awesome "quick read" resource for technology news! I look forward to seeing what else you find and/or come up with in the future!

I have learned a great deal over the years. Thank you.

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