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The Podcasting Starter Kit

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Did you know... if you have a website or a blog but you don't have any audio:

(a) millions of people are listening to someone else on their morning commute instead of listening to your message?...

(b) that many successful businesses and personalities are already getting attention you could be getting too...
(c) you are missing out on one of the biggest marketing opportunities currently available!
...which begs the question...

Where are your audio downloads?

The answer is of vital importance to anyone who publishes anything online.

You probably have some great excuse for not doing audio for your business.

Adding audio to my site is expensive, you might think.

You don't have time to record audio

Audio is too complicated for me, you might be saying to yourself

I don't really know where to start with audio.

I heard that it requires special hosting to have audio on my site.

Put your excuses away...

Audio is easier than you think
...and I can show you how to do it

You can learn how to record your first audio download today
You can record great audio on a tight budget
You can discover the simplicity of adding audio to your existing website or blog
You can improve your relationships with your customers
I will show you where to begin

Podcasting is your simple audio solution

Podcasting is for the blogger who writes and wants their readers to carry them on their iPod.
Podcasting is for the consultant or marketer who got a mandate from their boss to increase business without spending any money.
And podcasting is for anyone with online customers, and wants to turn those customers into loyal repeat purchasers.

If I haven't convinced you already, you might still be thinking...

"Why do I need to read the Podcasting Starter Kit?"

I'll admit, some of the techniques in this guide are available if you're willing to spend hours of your time searching online. So if you have 100 hours or more to research, I don't want to keep you from your search.

Or you could just download the Podcasting Starter Kit, follow the included steps, apply proven techniques, and also know other real people are using these techniques successfully - it's up to you.

Plus, many of the things I'll share with you in this report are not yet widely practiced, even among the "professional podcasting" community.

That's because many people attempt certain techniques, without actually having a full grasp of how and why they work - and so they become ineffective, or actually have the opposite effect - resulting in frustration and failure.

While producing the Chris Pirillo Show I literally "invented" a successful podcasting process. Everything we did had a purpose behind it, and I created a blueprint, so anyone could replicate our success. (Let's face it, we had a limited team (me) and a limited budget ($0.00), so it needed the most effective blueprint for gaining lots of listeners - just like you and I want lots of listeners, don't we?)

So not only will I share with you the most powerful podcasting techniques and how to apply them online, but I'll also show you how and why they work, so you can use them to maximize your subscribers and listeners.

Warning: Don't read the Podcasting Starter Kit if...

I'll probably lose a few sales by telling you this, but I'd rather be honest with you than give you the wrong impression...

This is not for everyone.

Do not read the Podcasting Starter Kit if you're looking for a "magic button" that, when pressed, will generate you instant online audio success "in your sleep".

I know lots of people are looking for such a "magic button", but these people usually end up spending money on solutions with extraordinary claims that almost inevitably turn out to be failures.

So let me be blunt - neither myself nor the Podcasting Starter Kit can gaurantee you specific results, subscribers or income. When you apply the techniques I'm about to share with you, your results will naturally vary.

On the other hand, this is a blueprint to show you all the main elements and techniques that go into creating a truly spectular podcast, and it gives you many examples of how you should apply them online.

So if you're looking to buy yet another "magic button" that promises you success without you even lifting a finger, then you're out of luck here...

... but if you want someone to give you an honest, straightfoward "How To" guide to creating a great audio download, then the Podcasting Starter Kit is definitely for you.

Start reading right now for FREE...

I want to prove the value of this report to you by giving you the opportunity to read the Podcasting Starter Kit email course completely free of charge.

Note: This report is in PDF format, which is viewable on virtually every computer platform (including Windows, Mac and iPhone and Windows Mobile). Full instructions on reading PDF files are available as needed.

The Podcasting Starter Kit

Then get the full version...

You now have a choice of two options:-
You can either click away, because you'd rather continue learning through trial and error, perhaps spending hundreds of hours in the process. That is, of course, up to you, and I wish you well in your journey. (It took me several years creating audio online to discover all of the things I share with you right now in my Podcasting Starter Kit.)
Or you can buy the Podcasting Starter Kit here and now for less than the price of a meal for two at a nice restaurant, and benefit from my years experience of creating audio online, several years "real world" audio experience recording music and voice audio for sale, and 100 pages of material that you'll be able to use and apply both right now, and for years to come.


In the Podcasting Starter Kit I'll show you...

How to Record Your First Podcast

Methods to Optimize Windows for Audio Recording

Podcasting Hardware Configuration

Microphone Techniques for Better Audio

How Audio Compression Works

Sound Proofing and Acoustics Enhancements

How to Record Interviews

The Best Editing Techniques for your Podcast

Basics of Phone

The Best Places to Host your Podcast

How to Distribute Your Podcast With BitTorrent

Tactics to Increase your Listening Audience

How to Make Money with Podcasting

Where to Find Music To Use In Your Podcast



My personal guarantee to you...

I'm absolutely confident that, when you download and read my Podcasting Starter Kit, you'll be thoroughly delighted that you made the decision to buy it.

That's why I'm happy to offer you my personal guarantee that if, after reading "Podcasting Starter Kit", you don't feel you've been given information that will massively help your podcasting to become more successful, then simply ask me for a refund, and I will grant it - up to 30 days from the time of purchase.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose - your purchase is completely risk free - and a whole lot of eye-opening, pain removing stuff to gain.


"The Podcasting Starter Kit"


The Podcasting Starter Kit

Yes! I'd like to purchase and download this 100 page special report, which shows me how to create a podcast, how I can distribute a podcast, and how I can potentially acheive thousands of subscribers to my podcast.

I understand that my purchase is completely risk-free, because it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. So if I'm not happy with the report, I can simply delete it from my computer and email you for a full refund.

I appreciate that the right kind of knowledge and education can be invaluable, and this report may save me weeks of trial and error, so I understand that this one time investment of $30 for a report that I can refer back to years from now is a great investment.

On that basis, let me have the download...


Read what others are saying...

"...yours is truly the most comprehensive..."


First of all I want to say that I downloaded your Podcasting Starter Kit last night and you did a fantasic job! I have been reading just about everything I can find, and yours is truly the most comprehensive, while also being accessible to non-tech-heads such as myself.


"You have definitely done the job, and delivered the value"

"I received and have read the Starter Kit document. I have to say it is a very well-written and comprehensive document. I've written 3 nonfiction books myself and thousands of pages of articles.... so I know what it takes to produce something that is really clear, useful, and accessible. You have definitely done the job, and delivered the value. I think you could charge much more for the e-book than you do, but I'm grateful that you made it easy to afford.
Thanks and best wishes,

Cheryl Harris

Thanks Jake. I found your information to be awesome. I'll let you know how my podcast goes!
Jennifer Michaels


Note 1: As I said, I cannot guarantee you'll get a thousands of new subscribers to your podcast, but I can give you a blueprint for how to potentially achieve much higher subscriber rates than you would without applying the knowledge from this report.

Note 2: Remember... I charge $250/hour for in person consulting. You're getting the equivalent of a full week of my time in this guide, which translates to $10k. Let me know how you decide to spend that $9,970 you saved.

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