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Order Podcasting Starter Kit
Create YOUR OWN professional podcast! Using affordable software tools and audio gear, anyone can record a podcast and distribute it to millions of potential listeners with no previous audio recording experience. Record your first podcast within hours of reading Podcasting Starter Kit!

  • Learn the basics of recording audio
  • Dig into the process of editing recorded voice tracks
  • Get Listed in iTunes
  • Discover how to record interviews
  • Record phone calls with your PC
  • Master the best free audio software
  • Publish your podcast
  • Distribute podcasts using BitTorrent
  • Find podcast-safe musicians
  • Develop a subscriber base
  • Make money with your podcast
  • Shop for hardware upgrades
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Order Converting Vinyl LPs to CD Many recordings have never been re-released on CD. Protect the life of the original recordings by importing them to your computer and burning them to CD. Discover tested techniques for converting records and cassettes when you order this comprehensive resource.

  • Learn how to connect a cassette deck or record player to your computer.
  • Find the best audio settings for recording.
  • Produce great sounding recordings with Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Pyro 2003, Sound Forge, Cool Edit 2000, Plus! Analog Recorder, and Audacity.
  • Enhance recordings with Noise Reduction to make them sound as good or better than the original.
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Find out more about Converting VHS to DVD Unless you were born sometime after 1990, you've probably got some old VHS tapes gradually wearing out in a closet. Video tapes have an average shelf-life of about 10-15 years before they start to wear down; that's if you never watch them. In this tutorial, I guide you through the process of preserving your old movies. Keep family movies around for years to come by converting all those old VHS tapes to DVD. It's easier than you think--this guide will show you how. We cover the equipment considerations you need to think about and the steps to get you from the VHS to DVD in a matter of a few simple steps.

  • Learn which hardware works best
  • Discover important PC upgrades
  • Transfer VHS without your DV camera
  • Explore video editing tips and tricks
  • Produce great looking DVD movies

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Order The Digital Lifestyle Guide to Securing Windows XP
Computer security is a major concern. Virus outbreaks continue to spread. News stories about the latest security hole fail to offer solutions. People need to protect their privacy. This guide offers solutions to many of the computing dangers faced by a networked world.

From showing you the best way to find security holes in your computer, to showing you how to patch those holes, this comprehensive guide allows you to rest easy, knowing you've secured your system. Keep out network crackers, block viruses, secure your wireless network, and keep your data safe by following the simple steps outlined in this guide.

Find out more about securing Windows XP... | Order this comprehensive PDF guide to Securing Windows XP for $10.

Plus Analog Recorder Tutorial Do you own Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition or Plus! Super Pack for Windows XP? Both bundles include a great tool for converting LPs and cassettes to WMA format digital audio files. Microsoft created one of the best tools for converting your old records and cassettes to digital formats, but it has a few idiosyncrasies that need to be ironed out.

Our free HTML tutorial steps you through the process of using Plus! Analog Recorder, Plus! Audio Converter, and Windows Media Player to create digital recordings of your analog audio.

View this free tutorial online now.

Order Creating a Child-Safe Home Office Working from a home office presents many advantages and many complexities not faced by people working in a traditional corporate setting. At home, work is always just a room away, tempting you to work long hours. The complications multiply when kids are added to the picture; especially small children who like to explore all the neat tools and electronics making up the typical office. Creating a Child-Safe Home Office addresses all the potential hazards both for your child and for your work, addressing the many dangers children face in a home office with practical solutions while also illustrating ways to keep your work safe from the dangers of having children nearby. You may not be able to protect your kids from everything, but if you work from home or plan to work from home soon, knowing how to keep kids safe from the perils lurking in a home office is a must. Read Creating A Child-Safe Home Office to make your workspace hazard-free.

Free Guide to Child-proofing your office...

Easy Digital Home Movies My print book, Easy Digital Home Movies includes detailed instructions for using Windows Movie Maker and Sonic My DVD to edit and produce home movies for playback on DVD or on the Web. You can get the first chapter as a PDF free by simply visiting the product page site. The chapter includes a ton of information about choosing the right digital camera, effectively using the zoom feature on your digital camera and finding the right tripod to meet your needs, along with a few tips on things like extending battery life. Of course I'd love for everyone to purchase a copy of the book, but at the very least, if you're new to digital video cameras, the free chapter is a good starting point to make sure you don't make the wrong choice.

Download the Free Guide to Camcorder Basics

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