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"How do I use tether through my BlackBerry for my Xbox 360 with no computer involved? I have the USB cord for the BlackBerry and directly plugged it into the Xbox 360. I don't know how to get the Xbox 360 to read the BlackBerry connection."

Attempting to tether Xbox 360 to BlackBerry phone hardware is a complicated proposition. Unlike your laptop, you can't just connect your BlackBerry to a USB port on the Xbox 360 and expect to get connected to Xbox Live. The Xbox isn't designed to support what is effectively a USB modem. There are ways you can use the BlackBerry data plan and connect to Xbox Live.

Fable III is out for Xbox 360 and there are a number of ways to get free bonus content to help you along the way in playing the game. Literally right from the box, Fable III offers free Xbox Live Marketplace content in the form of a 240MB free game content download. You need a redeem code found in the clam shell to claim the Fable III bonus content. This first offering includes male and female Highlander outfits, complete with Highlander tattoos meant to be a clever disguise when they are unlocked in the storyline. A Summon Creatures potion and Slow Time potion are also included. For your dog, there's a potion to turn it into a red setter. All items will appear in the gift queue in the Sanctuary, but won't be available until you reach the appropriate point in the story line.

"I'm having a party at my house and I want to use my Xbox 360 to play music through my home theater. What do I need to do to add music to my Xbox 360?"

While you can copy music to your Xbox 360 hard drive by ripping CDs or transferring MP3s to the Xbox 360 hard drive, you can play music through whatever speakers your Xbox 360 uses without taking up valuable disk space with the music. I would suggest a couple of other alternatives intstead.

"I buy Microsoft Points online through Xbox Live for my own account, but I want to give Microsoft Points as a gift to my friend. How can I buy Microsoft Points for someone else if I don't have access to their account."

I'm sure your friend will appreciate your generosity. Microsoft Points work with both Xbox Live and Zune, making them a highly versatile gift option. There are a bunch of places you can purchase Microsoft Points in card form and then give the card to a friend or a relative.

"When I go on Xbox Live my network connection lags and I routinely get booted from live play. Is there anything I can do to stop my Xbox lagging?"

There's nothing worse than playing an Xbox Live match only to have network lag cause your character to get shot without having any control over it. Lagging network connections are typically caused by some kind of performance bottleneck in the connection, most frequently because your wireless network connection drops out periodically. Here are a few things that might help improve the situation.

"How can I get lockpicks in Oblivion? I keep running into chests I can't unlock because I keep losing lockpicks. Is there a way to buy lockpicks or a secret stash somewhere?"

One key to making use of lockpicks is to boost your security skill whenever possible, because you'll gradually be able to open harder locks. Sometimes you can find lockpicks when you're looting dead monsters, but for the most part you really need to build up a stockpile by making a purchase here and there. There are two easy ways to track down lockpicks in Oblivion, with a cash transaction, of course.

"I have a laptop and an Xbox 360. I watch Hulu on my laptop, but I don't like connecting my laptop to my HDTV. Is there a way I can watch Hulu on Xbox 360?"

Watching Hulu on Xbox 360 isn't built in on Xbox Live yet, but lets hope it's coming soon. In the meantime, you can watch Hulu on Xbox 360 if you install some additional software on your laptop. Basically you have to play Hulu on your computer, and it automatically streams to your Xbox using the Media Connect technology built into Windows. To set this up, there are a few steps you need to take.

"What format do songs have to be in to play them on my Xbox 360 if I use a storage device?"

Microsoft has put a great deal of effort into reliably supporting many audio and video formats on the Xbox 360. For the most part, as long as the songs were not purchased in a protected format from the iTunes Music Store, they will play on your Xbox 360. Whether the songs are stored on your Xbox 360 hard drive or on a drive connected by USB, the same formats will play. Depending on what type of song formats you are trying to play, you might need to take a few additional steps to make the files work.

"How do I connect to Xbox Live using wireless connectivity?"

To connect to Xbox Live using a wireless connection you need three equally important components to complete the process. You need a broadband connection like cable or DSL for high speed Internet access. You need a wireless router to accept the wireless connection from your Xbox 360. Finally, you need an Xbox Wireless Network Adapter from Microsoft. Additionally you do also need an Xbox Live account. After you have all the components, follow the steps below to setup your wireless connection to Xbox Live.

"I have a USB 2.0 Logitech headset. Will my USB headset work with an Xbox 360?"

The Xbox 360 console has specific requirements for any headset you want to use to communicate in games or when chatting via the Xbox Live Vision camera. The primary requirement is the headset must connect to the headset jack in your game controller. Since the controllers all use a 2.5mm audio input (similar to the jack found on many cell phones), using a USB 2.0 headset is simply not an option.

Does this mean you're stuck purchasing a headset from Microsoft?

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