How do I Connect to Xbox Live using Wireless Connectivity?

"How do I connect to Xbox Live using wireless connectivity?"

To connect to Xbox Live using a wireless connection you need three equally important components to complete the process. You need a broadband connection like cable or DSL for high speed Internet access. You need a wireless router to accept the wireless connection from your Xbox 360. Finally, you need an Xbox Wireless Network Adapter from Microsoft. Additionally you do also need an Xbox Live account. After you have all the components, follow the steps below to setup your wireless connection to Xbox Live.

Unless your Internet service provider already provided you with a wireless router as part of the Internet package you pay for, you will definitely need a wireless router. As I mentioned in a previous article, segmenting your wireless network so that your Xbox is on one channel and your PC and all other traffic is on another wireless channel is a great way to insure the best possible online gaming experience.

When the Xbox 360 first launched several years ago, the options for gaming routers were fairly limited. Now the options have expanded and companies like Linksys are building wireless routing hardware designed to work well with game consoles. I particularly like routers like the WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router, which supports both 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz networks. You're less likely to get interference from other devices like cordless phones, which means you're less likely to get lag when you game.

Microsoft now makes two versions of the Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter. The original version only supported wireless A/B/G. The new one supports A/B/G/N. In order to future proof your Xbox 360 wireless configuration, I recommend getting the newer Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter, because the N performance will give you better overall network speeds than using B or G and it works optimally with something like the wireless N router I mentioned above.

The instructions included with a router like the WRT610N make it simple to set up and configure your wireless network for a great gaming experience.