Tom Bihn Bag Giveaway

Tom Bihn was kind enough to help me out with luggage for my trip to China. I also talked them into giving away one of each of their three most popular bags to you, my readers. Obviously they can't give a bag to everyone reading this, so the three recipients will be selected at random.

The bags in question are as follows...

The Aeronaut, which is an awesome maximum carry-on sized bag I used to haul my clothes all over China. The bags are rugged and hold a great deal more than I ever expected. You can carry The Aeronaut over your shoulder or pull out the hidden away backpack straps. It's sized perfectly to fit in the overhead bin on an airplane and comfortable to carry so you don't have to bother with checking your luggage as you travel. I got mine free, but I honestly haven't found a better bag for traveling.

The Super Ego is a messenger bag style laptop bag with plenty of room for the Brain Cell protective laptop insert and just about anything you need to carry between home and the office. It's got tons of pockets to keep your supplies organized and the front strap is customizable so that you can create a truly unique looking bag.

The Brain Bag is a serious backpack for carrying all that geeky gear. It's roomy enough to hold two laptops and still store papers and other supplies. There are plenty of pockets for stashing a PSP, iPod, camera, phone, pens, business cards and all that other stuff you wouldn't think of leaving at home. If you prefer a backpack to a shoulder bag, the comfort of carrying a Brain Bag beats anything else I've ever lugged around on my back.

You can watch a video where I walk through the key features of each bag here:

To qualify for random selection of one of the three bags, all you need to do is fill out the questionaire below. I'll announce the three bag recipients on October 1, 2006.

Basic details like your name and email are necessary so that I can contact you if you're selected for one of the three Tom Bihn Bags being given away. The rest of the questions will assist me in better understanding what types of information about audio and video editing are important to you, so that I do a better job of writing about things that interest you. Please provide as much detail as possible so that I can do the best job possible in writing tips that interest you.

UPDATE: The giveaway closed and the winner was announced. Thanks for visiting.