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With an interface vaguely reminiscent of older versions of Paint Shop Pro and a sold set of tools, Photobie is an all-around image editing and graphic design app with a ton of potential. The interface, while similar in some ways to the old Paint Shop Pro, lacks some of the polish of many years of refinement in that application. A lack of interface polish is made up for with an overwhelming number of tools not commonly found in free image editors. Irfanview has many great features and some overlap with Photobie, but the sheer ability to easily lock out and manipulate multilayer images makes Photobie a contender in my book. PhotoFiltre gets a leg up in the usability department, although Photobie has a few features not found in that wonderful freeware find as well. While all the basics like cropping, image color correction, resizing, batch processing, and basic filters are there, Photobie really shines in including multilayer editing with layer locking and full support for Photoshop compatible plugins better than any other freeware tool I've seen. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]