Download PStart

If you have a portable application set on a USB drive, having a start menu for all those apps comes in handy. PStart is among the best of the portable start menus I've seen. Optionally, you can install PStart as a replacement for the Windows Start menu, but overall, the portable application for this app is what makes it shine. Choose which items to display on the PStart menu, including other apps on your USB drive, documents, folders and frequently used files. A built search function helps launch apps on both the local hard disk and on a portable drive. A notes feature keeps notes stored on your portable drive so you have them just a click away wherever you are, complete with color coding and style changes. By defining key commands or mouse triggers, you can pop the PStart menu with a shortcut just like the built-in Windows Start. Most parts of the application are configurable. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]