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About a week ago, my Facebook account started getting Wall updates sent via email with text like, Im giivng away my old Iphone 3gs just got Iphone4 =) (misspelling by Facebook spammer, not me) and a link to a Facebook app. I couldn't find anything on my computers that could be causing this and my Android phone isn't currently connected to my Facebook account, so I couldn't figure out what might be causing the problem. After some research I tracked down the solution.

"Is there a way I can tell who unfriended me on Facebook? When my number of friends goes down I want to know which people unfriended me."

A number of applications promise to track who unfriended you on Facebook or who de-friended you on Facebook, but they frequently either stop working or get banned from the application list, so you might have to add a new one periodically. There are currently about 6 applications available. I'm not listing them here only because I expect they will be cancelled and new ones will pop up in their place. Instead you need to do a search.

"I'm a fan of something on Facebook that I don't like anymore. Is there a way I can un-fan on Facebook?"

We've all become a Facebook fan of something we later decide is lame. Or at least I know I have. So when you come to grips with the fact that the Facebook updates won't stop until you remove yourself from the fan list, here's how to get the job done.

Make sure you are signed into Facebook and go to the Fan page you want to un-fan. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. In the left corner of the page, there will be a link that says Remove me from Fans. Click that link and you're no longer a fan. It's that simple.

Un-fan a Facebook Page

"I want to send pictures to Facebook from my cell phone. I've tried sending a MMS message to but my photos never show up in my Facebook account. What am I doing wrong?"

You are right that you need to either send photos to Facebook in an email or MMS to in order to get your pictures in your Facebook account. In order to be able to upload your pics to Facebook, the first thing you need to do is activate your account.

"Is there a way I can turn off Facebook Chat when I'm signed into my Facebook account? I find it distracting to constantly have friends message me, but I like to remain signed in."

Facebook chat can be a great way to to connect with Facebook friends, but like other instant messenger programs, Facebook chat can get distracting. Because I stay signed in to Facebook most of the time, for access to things like comments on other sites and to share updates on my Facebook Fan Page, I routinely get people messaging me via Facebook Chat. Fortunately, you can disable Facebook Chat in two simple steps.

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