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Contact management is one feature that keeps me sticking with Outlook as my integrated personal information manager. Kurlo is the first application that might change my mind. I like Thunderbird as an email client, but it's lack of serious supporting features leaves me crawling back to Outlook for full support. Kurlo is a portable contact manager optimized for taking your data with you. Kurlo installs and runs on a Windows computer or on a USB drive, making it a traveler's companion for remote access to information. Support for multiple users makes Kurlo useful on shared computers, but the real power is in taking your data with you. It tracks contacts at both the individual and organization levels, so you can see all the people at a single company. Address label and evelope printing is useful if you need to send snail mail. Birthday and special event tracking helps to keep in touch with timely information, and email support makes it easy to send messages to a person or group. As a companion to a mail client like Thunderbird or on it's own, Kurlo helps you stay organized. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]