Folder Marker

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Whether you're part of David Allen's cult of Getting Things Done or you simply want to prioritize your projects by folder, Folder Marker solves a common problem. There's no easy way to visually identify a folder other than changing its name. With Folder Marker, you can add a visual priority to a folder, just like an email message, identifying folders as low, normal or high priority. It's also possibly to use workflow designations like planned, half-finished or complete. More identification is possible by marking a folder work, important, temporary or private. All these folder designations may be changed using the right-click menu on the fly, saving tons of time in tracking your work. Whether you've got 43 virtual folders or you simply need a handful of useful tracking tools, the color coding and prioritizing with Folder Marker will help make you more efficient and productive. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]