How to Get Your Own YouTube RSS Feed

"Is there an RSS feed with my YouTube videos people can subscribe to?"

YouTube recently publicized a bunch of RSS feeds for subscribing to popular topics and categories, but they haven't made it obvious how someone might subscribe to your YouTube channel via RSS. Thanks to their well documented section for developers, this is a relatively easy. Each YouTube user has their own unique RSS feed in the format:

Just replace my YouTube username, with your own YouTube username in the URL and you'll have an RSS feed of only videos you uploaded to YouTube. You can find more ways to access your YouTube information, like an RSS feed of your Favorites and Playlists, see the detailed YouTube API documentation.

A slightly different approach to this, including an enclosure with a video file, is to use a URL like the one below:

Subscribe to my YouTube RSS feed. If you use the /base/videos/-/jakeludington version you can play the videos directly from any RSS reader.