Myth of the $12 Doritos Ad

One of the best advertisements from the 2007 Superbowl was the the Doritos ad linked above. It's clever, it made me laugh, and while I won't eat Doritos anytime soon, I'm likely to remember it. The Doritos commercial was not made for $12 as noted on Fred Wilson's A VC. You can't even buy a CVS disposable video camera for $12, so already someone is in for more than $12 in gear. There's no video editing suite with a sub-$12 price tag, unless you discount the $1500 purchase price of a Mac when considering iMovie. The car driven in the ad cost someone more than $12. So at best you could say the kids who made the video shelled out $12 of their own money, but someone paid several thousand dollars for gear and an education to get the college kids to the point where they only needed to spend $12 to make a commercial.