Cingular Blackjack Battery Life Upgrade

I committed to Cingular’s Blackjack phone as my newest portable communication tool last weekend. My biggest fear in making the transition from my old Cingular 2125 was battery life. Everyone I know who owns a Blackjack up to this point had complained of less than 24-hour battery time on a single charge. I think even with the spare battery included, a heavy phone user would be in trouble. The good news is, this problem has been fixed. Cingular now sells the phone with 2 extended life batteries. In my own testing, with regular conversations on the phone throughout the day and email downloading every 15 minutes, I’m seeing a 48-hour uptime from a single charge. That includes time I spend browsing the Web and sending text messages. I can live with that. And it still comes with two batteries. If you have a Blackjack, make a call to Cingular and ask them to do a warranty swap on your existing batteries. According to the local rep at a store in Seattle, Cingular is upgrading anyone who complains to the newer longer life batteries. Well worth the investment in my book.