Carrier Furnace Class Action

If you currently own or owned a Carrier high efficency gas furnance purchased after January 1, 1989, or a high efficiency gas furnance branded Bryant, Payne, or Day & Night purchased after January 1, 1989, you may benefit from a class action suit.

According to the class action

"The Class includes anyone who currently owns a Carrier 90+% high efficiency condensing gas furnace made and sold since January 1, 1989, and former owners of these furnaces who had a secondary heat exchanger failure."

Official details about which furnace models are included can be found here.

Be sure to check the site for official details about whether you are included in the class action, but there's a long list of models. For instance, Carrier high efficiency gas furnace models potentially included in the class action are:

58SX, 58DXC, 58MXB, 58MVP, 58SXA, 58MSA, 58UVB, 58MVB, 58SXC, 58MCA, 58SXB, 58MTA, 58DX, 58MXA, 58VUA, 58MTB, 58DXA, 58MCB, 58VCA, 58MVC

Bryant / Payne / Day & Night models potentially included in the class action are:

398AAW, 350MAV, 398BAZ, 490AAV, 398AAZ, 340AAV, 320AAZ, PG9MAA, 399AAW, 350AAV, 321AAZ, PG9MAB, 399AAZ, 351DAS, 355MAV, 355CAV, 399AAV, 355BAV, 355AAV, 340MAV, 345MAV, 355BAV, 352MAV, 398BAW, 352AAV