Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review and Giveaway Coming Soon

The Lenovo ThinkPad line has long been known as a workhorse brand for businesses of all sizes. The notebook computers may not be as sexy as a MacBook, but they hold up well to the rigors of travel both to-and-from the office and on the road. Recently Lenovo has been making a strong entry into the desktop computing space as well. Not too long ago I gave away a ThinkCentre A63. In terms of price for performance, I strongly recommend the ThinkVision L2440p model monitor I use daily, complete with fully adjustable stand (meaning both height and direction), as well as a screen that's bright enough for all kinds of office settings.

Shortly I will be announcing another review of Lenovo desktop hardware, including more Lenovo monitors and the ThinkCentre M75e. With most of the hardware reviews I do, I either buy the equipment to test it out or get the equipment long enough to test it and then give it away. The ThinkCentre M75e falls in this second category. Details about how you can get the ThinkCentre M75e will be announced when I post the review.