Google Calendar Sync

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Automatic sync between Google Calendar and Outlook is one of the more popular things I've ever written about. Previous solutions ranged from a clumsy add-on for Outlook called RemoteCalendars and a handful of solutions that cost money. As of today, Google officially supports calendar sync with Outlook using their very own Google Calendar Sync freeware app. You need both Outlook and a free Google Apps account to use the app, but I'm highly impressed with the simplicity and speed of the official Google product. I downloaded the app and had complete sync of all my Outlook items within under 10 minutes. I'm currently defaulting to the 120 minute update timeframe, but you can update more frequently if your calendar changes more often. If you're a Plaxo user, you'll also now get a convenient way to get from Google Calendar to Plaxo by way of Outlook. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]