MixCraft - Music Making Made Easy

Acoustica is all over the audio tools space, with solutions for custom CD burning, label making, song mixing, and conversion of audio between formats. MixCraft is by far my favorite Acoustica product (although Spin It Again comes close). Mixcraft is the one Windows application that brings the GarageBand ease of making music enjoyed by Mac users to Windows. Now that Mixcraft is onto version 7, the comparison continues to draw even closer. Some of the featrues of Mixcraft include:

  • Extensive support of VSTi Virtual Instruments, including splitting and layering multiple instruments.
  • MIDI recording, editing, and playback.
  • Support for external MIDI instruments.
  • Support for General Midi Type 0 and Type 1 files.
  • Support for Windows Vista's new low-latency WaveRT sound drivers.
  • Over 800 new sound effects ideal for use in podcasting and broadcasting.
  • New Amp Simulator and Spectrum Analyzer effects.
  • A long list of virtual instruments

The addition of Midi instruments is what really pushes newer versions of Mixcraft over the top as a world class audio editing solution. Previous versions made looping and sequencing easy, but lacked the support for generating your own music with Midi instruments. This was fixed starting with Mixcraft 4 and all future versions, without losing the simplicity that made Mixcraft my top recommendation for Windows audio tools for home users. Don't let the price tag scare you away, Mixcraft is well worth the price and Acoustica has continued to increase the value of this app over time. [Windows XP/Vista $89.95]
Download Mixcraft and give it a try.