AT&T Mobility Settlement

Every product and service I use seems to be subject to a class action lawsuit. Recently I've received notice of class action lawsuits for a laptop video card, hard drives, and today I received one for the AT&T Mobility Settlement for taxes on data services from iPhone cell phone data plans. In some cases it becomes nearly impossible to figure out whether I actually purchased the qualifying product, as was the case with the hard drive settlement notice I received. The video card was part of a Dell laptop I once owned. This one seems to be about iPhone data plans for me, although you might qualify for the settlement if you owned a Blackberry with AT&T data service as well.

Apparently I qualify for the class action (and you might too) because:

I paid taxes, fees or surcharges ("Internet Taxes") to AT&T Mobility LLC ("AT&T Mobility") on internet access through certain services including iPhone data plans, Blackberry data plans, other smart phone data plans, laptop connect cards and pay-per-use data services on bills issued from November 1, 2005 up to and including September 7, 2010.

AT&T Mobility and the class action brining suit apparently disagree about whether charging Internet Taxes was proper or not. The result is this settlement. More details are available at