August, 2005, after two years of extensive research and innovation, Argentum announces the new release 2.5 of Argentum MyFiles, a disk cataloger and file organizer that helps keep your computer files organized. Argentum MyFiles runs on any computer with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 installed.

A disk cataloger or a file organizer is an application that records the directory structure, but not the contents, of a volume. The saved directory structure of a volume is called a disk catalog. Since loading a disk catalog is much faster than loading the directory structure from the actual disk, searching and browsing a disk catalog is much faster than searching or browsing an actual disk.

More important, a disk cataloger can store disk catalogs for more than one volume. And, a volume does not need to be available on your desktop while you are browsing the catalog. This allows you to have a single disk catalog containing the library of all of your CDs, DVDs, removable media volumes, network locations and floppy disks. Using a disk cataloger you can, in one move, search all of your volumes, be they available on your computer, in a box next to your computer, or at the office on the other side of town.

Besides the primary purpose of a basic file organizer to store, search, browse and organize your file collection, a good file cataloging program should also be able to describe the contents of a disk catalog with your own comments, extract additional file information (descriptions) from files of common types, export disk catalogs into well-formed HTML reports and rich XML files. With Argentum MyFiles you are able to store, search, browse, organize and share your file collection! All features are packed into one combined