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Most of the small businesses that start in any given year fail before that year is out. The reasons for these failures range from undercapitalization, to lack of experience, to poor decision making to not having a clear vision or business plan. Few entrepreneurs create an overnight success the first time. While there's no way to get experience without actually trying, it is possible to draw on the experience of people who got there first. One great place to hear about the stories of people who are out there doing it Venture Voice, a podcast dedicated to interviewing the founders of small and growing companies, and the venture capitalists willing to fund them. If you're in the business of running a business or thinking of stepping away from corporate life in favor of the 17-hour days and low wages that make being an entrepreneur such an overwhelming draw, Venture Voice is the podcast you need to subscribe to. It's also a good place to stay on top of some of the new rising stars of online business. I met Gregory Galant, host of Venture Voice, between sessions at Webzine.