Windows Media Center Gadget

So far, the Windows Live Gadget collection is nothing more than a novelty act filled with clocks, astrological updates, and weather data I can get somewhere else. The AJAXY drag-and-drop interface is killer and I like being able to create my own news page, but the functional benefits of existing plugins aren't cool. I want features that enhance my experience, not make it quaint. Microsoft is finally delivering with a new gadget for scheduling Media Center Edition shows, recommending shows based on previous viewing experience and keeping on top of what's coming up from your Windows Live account. The gadget monitors your Media Center recordings making it possible to update your recording schedule anywhere you can get signed in to Windows Live. We got a sneak peak today at Search Champs V4 complete with permission to post a semi-exclusive screenshot of the experience. Presumably this is an extension of the existing MSN TV Remote Record feature. No word on an official ship date for the MCE gadget, but you can bet I'll install it the day it goes live.

Windows Media Center Gadget for Windows Live
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