Traveling Light

As I'm packing for tomorrow's trip to Singapore, I'm faced with the same challenge I have every time I travel - which gadgets do I bring with me? Or rather, which gadgets can I safely leave behind? I'm a minimalist when I travel. With the exception of my tripod, which I need for the work I'm doing while I'm in Singapore, if it won't fit in my Tom Bihn Tri-Star, I'm leaving it at home.

I'm going to be in Singapore to shoot video at an HP event there, but I'll have a little time to do some sight-seeing as well. If you have suggestions for things to do in Singapore, I'd love to hear them.

So what gadgets am I bringing for my 5 days in Singapore? The new entry level Kindle will provide most of my reading entertainment on the plane and at the hotel. With approximately 34 hours of flying time ahead of me, I figured this was a good opportunity to dive into Neal Stephenson's new book, Reamde. I'm packing my Canon T3i for photos and Canon HF-S21 camcorder for video. My Sennheizer wireless microphone will provide audio. And of course, I'll have a laptop and cellphone, though I'm not sure how much I'll actually use the phone. Supporting chargers and cables round out the gear in my bag. The remainder of the Tri-Star is filled with clothes.

What do you take with you when you travel? Do you bring the digital kitchen sink, travel light, or fall somewhere between?