Weight Loss Progress Report

I'm fairly confident I'm going to miss my weight loss goal of 30 pounds by 1 May 2009. I'm currently down 12 pounds from my starting weight, with 8 days remaining. While I'm sure there's some "miracle diet" I could follow to drop 2+ pounds per day for the rest of the month, starvation doesn't seem like a healthy alternative. I'm fairly confident I'll finish the month of April with a total loss of 15 pounds.

What derailed me from my goal? I got sidetracked initially by the arrival of Robin's parents. My eating habits were corrupted by morning breakfast options I don't normally entertain, which put me over my daily calorie budget. That's my own fault and I should have planned accordingly, but didn't. Two weeks with a new baby has meant my primary focus of any spare moment has been on sleeping not exercise, which accounts for more of the delay. I am closer to my goal than I was 30 days ago, which is a good thing, but a refocus on eating appropriately and getting a normal exercise routine back should move things along. I'm targeting a new date of 15 June 2009 for the remainder of the weight to be gone.