How to get Comcast Deals for your Cable Bill

I keep thinking about ditching cable altogether and using something like PlayOn to get television from the Internet back to my HDTV. So far the steps are still too many to completely kill my cable television service. Couple that with Comcast offering the best high speed data option where I live and I remain a customer. That doesn't mean I like paying for it. So I called customer service to see what I could do to lower the price.

Most of the Comcast advertisements are for deals aimed at new customers. If you've been with them a long time, you generally don't qualify. That doesn't mean you can't lower your cable bill. I had several components of my bill that were more expensive due to the length of time I'd been a customer. The cost of DVR service dropped in the 4+ years since I subscribed. The level of high speed Internet I currently subscribe to was on sale. New channel bundling drove down the price. By the end of the phone call, my cable television plus Internet bill was less than 50% of what it was before the call.

A couple of the price drops are only for a few months, so I'll be closer to 50% in about 6 months, but I may call in again and see if there are any other specials. Bottom line here is Comcast will offer you deals on service, but only if you take the time to call and ask.

How about you? Got any tips on lowering your cable bill?