Xbox 360 Fanboys More Likely to Use Firefox

Based on the first 10,000 views of the Xbox 360 Driving Video it seems people interested in Xbox Live gaming are more likely to use Firefox than any other browser. The video is hosted at, which provides stats on the browsers used to view your video. According to Blip's numbers, in the first 10,000 views, Firefox was used when playing the video 5,162 time to 4,519 views with Internet Explorer. Safari, Konqueror, and some of the other fringe browsers didn't have meaningful stats. This is something Microsoft should pay plenty of attention to - just because someone isn't using one Microsoft technology (IE) doesn't mean the company can't still get their attention in other markets (Xbox 360).

Firefox- 5162
IE - 4519
Opera - 192
Mozilla - 79
Others - 48

The browsers I list as "Others" all had less than 10 views per browser.