Ian MacKaye is Not Dead

Ian MacKaye of The Evens, Fugazi, and Minor Threat
Ian Mackaye
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Or yet another reason to take Wikipedia and MySpace with several pounds of salt. Apparently rumors of the founder of Minor Threat, Fugazi and Dischord records are greatly exaggerated, the Baltimore Sun had no problem phoning him at home to check on his health. Rumors are flying all over the Internet, in part because people keep re-posting the news of MacKaye's death to Wikipedia.

I once met Ian MacKaye when Fugazi played at my bar back in 1998. I have a photo somewhere that deserves to be scanned and posted to Flickr. He was impressed that he was playing in a club not run by some old geezer who didn't care about music (I was 25 at the time). I was amused by the fact that his band travels with it's own electric dryer.