Hey MyPunchBowl, I'm not Your Customer

So don't send me email without my permission. Chris and Ponzi invited me to a party using your service, which means they added my email address to your service. As their friend, I'm cool with that. I like getting email from Chris and Ponzi. I don't want mail from you. I don't remember checking a box saying you could send me mail. I don't care that Techcrunch gave you a reasonably good review. I don't care that Scoble says you're Maryam approved. I'm guessing none of them would ever use your service if they knew you'd hijack their contacts and start sending a craptacular monthly newsletter WITHOUT PERMISSION. All the AJAX'y goodness in the world won't get me to recommend your service to anyone. I clicked the unsubscribe link, hopefully MyPunchBowl is gone from my life forever.