How can I rearrange the icons on my iPad?

"I downloaded a bunch of apps for my iPad and now the screen is full of icons. Can I rearrange the icons on my iPad or am I stuck with where they show up after I download new apps?"

You can rearrange icons on your iPad in a number of ways and as soon as you get the iOS 4 update for your iPad, you will have even more options. For now, you are limited to sorting them on individual screens by dragging the icons where you want them, but icon groupings will also be supported in iOS 4.

To move your icons around, press and hold any of the icons on your screen. This causes a little X to appear in the upper left corner and the icons to shake. Drag an icon anywhere on the screen you want to put it. You can move them to a new screen by dragging the icon off the screen to the right. For a live demo of this feature, watch the video below.