Which Connection for HDTV to PC?

Michael writes, "I have just bought a LCD TV and would like to connect my computer to it. The instruction book only mentions connecting the sound card. The TV has Scart, HDMI, and RGB inputs. Can you please advise which is best and what should I set my PC to."

If you have a digital connection available for connecting your HDTV and PC, that's almost always the best option. In this case, the HDMI connection on your television is likely the easiest way to connect your PC. Most PC video cards have a DVI connection available for video output. Every major electronics store sells cables with DVI to HDMI conversion, which gives you the video portion of your PC output. Depending on which model television you have, the audio portion of the output from your PC may also need to be digital, because many of the televisions assume you're passing both audio and video over the HDMI cable. Prices for DVI to HDMI cables vary depending on how long a run you need to connect your PC and HDTV.

As for what resolution you should set your PC to - the best answer is generally the highest resolution supported by your HDTV. with LCD screens this is frequently 1024x768, although occasionally you'll see screens that accurately conform to HD resolutions of 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

You can read more about this in my article on using an HDTV as a PC monitor.