Radius Atomic Bass In-ear iPhone Compatible Headphones

Radius Atomic Bass headphones offer a more comfortable, affordable upgrade to the ear bud style headphones that typically ship with an iPhone or iPod. The in-ear fit, complete with three different sized ear cups is far superior to ear bud because it blocks external noise, sits comfortably in your ear, and isn't limited to one-size-fits-all. The Atomic Bass comes in with a design that's meant to achieve more bass with a slightly larger resonance chamber on the back of each ear piece. And while I was skeptical, when you position each ear piece so that it sits more in the cup of your ear, you do get a greatly increased bass response. I personally like some of the more expensive offerings from Shure and Etymotic better, because like many bass enhancing earphones, you get increased bass at the expense of mids that are somewhat muddy. The highs still cut through fairly well, but lack the crispness I've come to expect at the $99+ price range. If what you want is something that sounds better than the ear buds that came with your iPod, the Radius Atomic Bass headphones are a dramatic improvement. The plug is designed to work with iPhone jacks, making this a fairly obvious alternative. As of this writing, Amazon currently offers the Radius Atomic Bass Headphones for $29.99

Radius Atomic Bass Headphones