Callpod Dragon V2 Bluetooth Headset

Callpod's newest Bluetooth headset, the Dragon V2 offers the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology in a small stylish package.

First the technology: The Dragon has a range of nearly 330 feet, allows you to connect and switch between calls on your phone and pc with a touch of a button, and utilizes Dual-Mic Noise Suppression technology that allows you to clearly communicate in noisy environments by isolating your voice while removing background noise. It's also upgradeable! And coolest of all, you can use it for 2-way radio communication (walkie talkies!) between 2 Dragon headsets within a 250,000 square foot area. That's over 47 miles!

Now the style: The Dragon V2 is small and compact and sits close to your ear. There are no bits sticking out next to your face, ready to poke you. The ear piece slides, pivots and rotates to offer you the best fit for all day wear on either ear. The headset comes with 2 large and easy to find buttons and comes in 3 stylish finishes.

The Dragon V2 is now available for $99.95.