LaCie 1TB Bigger Disk

I've already got well over a terabyte of storage in my house, spread across six hard drives, not counting numerous DVD and CD blanks. The downside to having so many different drives all running in my office is I've got more noise from more fans and drives spinning, throwing off more heat and requiring more power. I need all the space to store the raw video footage I refuse to render down to a smaller file format because I don't want to lose any of the original quality of the DV files. Sure, I've got the original footage stored on DV tape too, but that requires another real time transfer if I ever want to access it again. I point to LaCie's 1TB Bigger Disk because they've got a newer 2TB version on the way, which means prices for the 1TB model should be coming down in the near future. It's currently priced around $0.80-0.90 per GB, which makes this a pricey unit. I'm hoping to see it drop below the $0.75 per GB range, at which point it starts looking attractive to anyone who insists on archiving the entire season of CSI in HD on their hard drive for all of eternity.

LaCie Storage