Maxtor One Touch 300GB External Hard Drive

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external hard drive Three hundred gigabytes of storage for under $300. Anytime mass storage is available for less than $1/GB, my interest is piqued. At one point, I vowed to only purchase internal hard drives because I didn't want anything cluttering my desk. I soon came to my senses, realizing just how much easier performing backups and transferring video files between computers could be with an external drive. I now preach the gospel of external greatness. With an external drive, you can back up all your video files, music, photos, and data to one common location, with the plug-and-play ease of connecting to any other computer. One of the best uses I've found for my external drive is importing video from my digital video camera using one computer connected to the drive; later I connect the same drive to a computer at an offsite location for editing. For offsite data backups, dump all your data to an external drive, and then store the drive in a bank deposit box or some other secure facility (this scenario is most productive when two external drives are available).