Blinder M-40 X-Treme

When legislation can't keep up with changes in technology, consumers have a window of time where they can benefit from gadgets. While I certainly don't condone reckless driving, trips to any major city in the U.S. generally expose drivers to normal traffic flow greatly exceeding the posted speed limit. Keeping up with traffic may put you at risk for being singled out as the ticketed example for the day. Unlike radar jamming, which is outlawed in all but two U.S. states, laser jamming is still legal everywhere but CA, MN, NB, OK, UT, VA, and Washington DC (consult local laws to confirm this). This German engineered gadget mount censors on the front (or front and rear in the deluxe model) of your car, providing tested protection from laser-gun-wielding patrolmen. With Internet vendors selling laser jamming devices at $349 for the basic model, this is protection from detection worth several thousand dollars in increased insurance premiums for the alternative of getting caught with a lead foot.