Black Friday 2010 Software Discounts

Paint Shop Pro60% Off Paint Shop Pro photo editing software
Paint Shop Pro is the only photo editor I am willing to use not called Photoshop. For a long time, Paint Shop Pro offered far better automatic background removal than Photoshop. At $39.99 during this sale, Paint Shop Pro is a bargain for editing everything from Web-ready images to your personal photo collection. Corel, the company behind Paint Shop Pro has several other promotions, but this one is by far the best of the season for photo editing. Offer expires end of day on November 26, 2010.

MixcraftDiscount on Mixcraft - the "GarageBand for Windows"
Mixcraft is the closest thing Windows users have to Apple's music making app GarageBand. I highly recommend Mixcraft if you want an easy solution for making music. I've never seen it discounted more than 10%, so this really is a great find. Use coupon code BF2010 before this offer expires at the end of the day on November 26, 2010.

Spin It AgainConvert Vinyl LPs and Cassettes to CD with 30% off on Spin it Again
Spin it Again is the only solution that reliably splits album sides into individual tracks for easy export to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Whether you use the turntable from your home theater or an Ion turnturntable, this is the app you want to use to convert your LP collection to digital music files. Coupon code BF2010 expires at the end of the day on November 26, 2010.

Pinnacle Studio HD76% Discount on Pinnacle Studio Ultimate HD creative bundle
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is the app I frequently use for editing high definition movies. Version 14 is definitely worth the upgrade if you have a previous version because many of the encoding features have improved dramatically. This is the best deal I've seen on Studio Ultimate and far less than I paid when I upgraded. Creative Pack 1, Creative Pack 2, and the Winter Pack included in this bundle are worth the bonus features for creating DVDs and adding effects. There's also a tutorial DVD included, which helps make editing video with Pinnacle Studio easier. This one is good into Decemeber with no coupon code required, but if you are in the market for video editig software, you won't find a better bargain.

MyFax50% Discount on Cucusoft Ultimate DVD Ripper + Video Converter
Rip DVDs and convert videos to play on any device in your house. You will be hard pressed to find a DVD Ripping and video conversion combo at a better price than this. Cucusoft makes it easy to convert your movies, remove menus from DVD titles, and get your movies to play on the device of your choice. I'm not currently in the market for a video converter, but if I was, this deal is currently the best one I can find. Expires November 30, 2010.

Mind PadMaster Mind Mapping with 70% off Mind Pad
Mind Mapping is an incredibly effective way to organize your thoughts, outline ideas, and maximize your productivity. In addition to mapping out your ideas, Mind Pad is also a handy way to organize business processes and visualize concepts around an idea. Mind Pad makes mind mapping easy and affordable with this 70% off special pricing. Pricing is good through November 30, 2010.

ScreenCamera Screen CaptureScreenCamera streams video to your favorite programs for $13.99
Stream your desktop screen along with your webcam on free video chatting programs and websites. ScreenCamera supports multiple applications simultaneously and works perfectly with MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AOL Messenger, Live Messenger, PalTalk, Camfrog, AIM, Stickam, AnyWebcam, or any other live video chatting program or website. This link gets you 72% off the regular price of ScreenCamera and is good through the end of 2010.

SuperTinTin MSN RecorderSuperTintin MSN Recorder 30% discount
Record both sides of MSN video chat either separately or as a complete movie file with picture-in-picture. SuperTintin offers better quality recording of video chat because it records the original file, not a screen capture of the video stream. There's also a version that does Skype recording. Both the MSN and Skype recorders are available for 30% off the normal price. If you do video chat interviews or want to record your friends when you chat, this is the app to use.Coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2010 expires November 30, 2010.

MovieSherlockMovieSherlock for Mac OS X for $12.50
Find movies on YouTube. Download and convert YouTube movies with MovieSherlock. Software easily downloads and organizes movies from YouTube, automatically converting them to Mac compatible files you can move to your iPod or iPad. Discount of 50% off is good through the end of November 2010.

MessageExport Outlook50% Off MessageExport for Outlook
If you need to share the contents of an Outlook email message with a group, forwarding it via email may not be practical. MessageExport is designed to make it easy and efficient to extract a message from Outlook and share it in many popular formats, including PDF, GIF, JPG, and TIF. MessageExport makes sharing email to a SharePoint a breeze, while also enabling many of the same features an app like Acrobat would charge several times more for. The 50% discount is good through November 30, 2010.