KeePass - Secure Password Storage

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If you're not using some kind of password manager to protect all those online accounts, or if you use the same password everywhere, there's a good chance you're exposing yourself to potential security problems. While Firefox has a decent password safe (that only encrypts your files if you supply a master password), using a third-party solution like KeePass is likely a better alternative, if only because it gives you easy access to that data outside of Firefox. KeePass stores unlimited passwords, makes it easy to create unique passwords for each account, and encrypts all those passwords to make it impossible for a virus or someone who sits down at your computer to access your online accounts. Clicking the remember this password box is a good way to give anyone access to your account. Instead of worrying about whether you can remember dozens of passwords, use something like KeePass to store them instead. You only need to remember the master password and KeePass does the rest. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista $0.00]