Video DVD Maker

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Video DVD Maker is a straightforward app for capturing video and burning DVDs. The software accepts virtually any video capture device, including DV cameras over FireWire, Webcams and TV tuners. After capture, you can re-organize clips, import additional clips and output a fairly simple but playable DVD. The interface for importing video clips is a little confusing if you are only using video already located on your hard drive, but standard capture from camera, edit and burn is quite well organized for basic steps. The software supports burning video to CD, DVD and dual-layer DVD. If you want fancy menus, you'll need to invest in other software like Sonic MyDVD, Nero Vision Express, Roxio Easy Media Creator or one of the many other capable DVD authoring suites. For free, Video DVD Maker handles the functions of capture, edit and burn quite nicely. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]