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Archiving files to DVD-R or CD-R is one way to free up hard drive space, but it might slow you down later. What happens when you need to retrieve something from one of those shiny disks? Unless you have an excellent cataloging system, chances are you insert disk after disk into your CD tray until you locate the one with the file you need. The method works, but what a senseless waste of time. LS MyLib provides a better solution. The app creates an index of all your disks, keeping track of which files are on which disk. As long as you label each physical disk uniquely, you can search the contents without ever inserting the disk in your tray and retrieve the correct disk from a well-organized catalog system, just like a librarian. The software does all the necessary cataloging. You'll look at data backup in a whole new light with LS MyLib. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]