Edit DVR-MS Metadata

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One of the cool things about Microsoft employees is they are all Windows users (with the possible exception of the Mac Office team) just like us the rest of us. If Windows doesn't do something very well, or if no one is offering a product to address a particular feature needed by the entire Windows user base, someone inside Microsoft is likely a good candidate to address the problem. In this case, Edit DVR-MS Metadata is specific to the subset of Windows XP Media Center Edition users. To my knowledge, none of the metatag tools address the need to edit the tags inside DVR-MS files created when recording television. Stephen Toub, who is a .NET coder and fairly prolific writer on .NET programming issues created this little tool to easily tweak the tags in DVR-MS files. The interface is very basic, but it gets the job the done. If you happen to be a programmer, he's also got a great article on jumping through video time code using your remote, which offers enough detail that even a non-programmer might be able to figure it out. If only Microsoft did a better job of publicizing this stuff. [Windows XP $0.00]