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Find online radio in Real, Windows Media, MP3 and StreamWorks formats with this search tool. The scan feature, which facilitates previewing of stations just like the scan button on a regular radio, works quite well in picking out stations by genre. If you know the name of a particular stream, LiveWire Broadcast finds it quickly. Searching by genre returned varied results, with pockets of selections that fit their category perfectly, while other groupings were way off base from their supposed category, which I would assume is due to poor classification by the broadcasting station. I did find searching for stations in other countries to be particularly successful using this tool. Considering the turmoil surrounding online broadcasting, LiveWire Broadcast may become more useful in finding what still exists. Overall, LiveWire Broadcast makes it considerably easier to browse for stations across platforms and genres, despite some minor glitches in individual stations classification. Real, WiMP, and Xing players are required for playing their respective formats. [Windows 9x/2k/XP]