Top 10 Apps of 2005

After seeing the list of most popular articles, with an tutorial on Sony's PSP at number 1, it's not completely surprising to see an app for the PSP as the most popular freeware application of 2005, followed closely by another PSP and iPod friendly app, 3GP_Converter. The rest of the apps are an even mix of media files and general purpose utilities for improving PC functionality:

PSP Video 9 converts movies for PSP

3GP_Converter converts movies to 3GP and MP4

Unlocker releases locked Windows processes

STOIK Video Converter converts MOV and other formats

Index Dat Spy locates index.dat files

GSpot video codec detective

TrueCrypt encryption software

MediaMonkey music and movie manager

ClamWin Free Antivirus virus protection software

SmartClose automatic application shutdown

The previous list of top 10 games included an error that shortened the list from 10 games to 8. The corrected list is now updated with all 10.