Live Audio

I attend conferences for a variety of reasons. I attend to learn something new. I attend to meet new people. I attend to stay on top of the latest technologies. Most of all I attend to connect with familiar faces. For the past five years the only conference I never missed was Gnomedex. Sure, I was involved with planning the first three and on some level I was required to attend, but there's no way I would miss Gnomedex even if attendance weren't required. It's one of the few conferences where I gather with likeminded people and talk about what's going on in my world without getting blank stares and glazed eyes. It's one of the few places where newbies and industry experts mingle and share in the common culture of the event.

A live audio stream of the sessions is available again this year, this time through the radio show audio feed. We're lucky enough to have the continued support of Microsoft and Limelight Networks, in addition to all the Gnomedex sponsors making the actual event possible. If you are at all curious about podcasting, blogging, online education or just enjoy technology, I highly recommend tuning in to at least some of the conference stream. The broadcast runs 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific (GMT -8) on June 24, picking up again at 9:30 a.m. Pacific on June 25. The audio feed isn't quite like being at the show, but it certainly gives you a free taste of what's going on here in Seattle this weekend.

I'll be keeping myself occupied interviewing attendees. Depending on how my schedule goes this weekend, I might even give MediaBlab readers a sneak preview of some of the interviews. Stay tuned.