Assignment Nostalgia

Shortly after sending out the previous issue of this newsletter, I decided to order one of the Panasonic 3CCD camcorders featured in the Gadget Envy section. I planned on ordering the PV-GS120, which is the model mentioned in the newsletter, but no one had any in stock. I found the PV-GS70 at J&R for less than the list price of the PV-GS120.

In addition to all the features found in the PV-GS120, the PV-GS70 includes recording direct to MPEG-4, a WebCam mode, and an external microphone. While I don't see these features being worth the $300 manufacturer's price difference, it doesn't hurt to have a few extras to sweeten the $700 street price. I'm still waiting for delivery, so expect a side-by-side comparison of my Canon ZR70 and the PV-GS70 in an upcoming issue. My gut tells me Panasonic just cut the legs out from under Sony and Canon's consumer DV camera business.

I've written several articles for PC Today magazine over the past months. Last week I got my most challenging assignment to date - I'm writing the monthly section on Windows 3.x tips. I have many fond memories of Windows 3.1, as well as some serious frustrations, which should make for some entertaining nostalgia in the PC Yesterday pages of PC Today. What I want to know is, are any of you still using Windows 3.x for anything, and if so, what computing tasks are you using it for?