Download HDVSplit

All of the video apps supporting HDV suffer from the same problem - if the app barfs on your video, you waste a bunch of time recapturing the content. There's also the issue of having all your files trapped in your video editor's format, with no easy way to work with clips and segments of the video somewhere else. Enter HDVSplit, a app specifically designed to capture HDV video, split the video based on scenes, and provide custom labeling for the clips. This provides the flexibility to use only the segments you need in your video editing app, while also allowing you to circumvent any of the glitchy sections of your video tape (if any exist). The software only officially claims support for the HDV camcorders from Sony, although it should work with any of the HDV camcorders currently on the market. If you have several m2t files already on your hard drive, HDVSplit will process all of them and do scene detection as a batch. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]