iGuy - Now you can play with your iPod!

iGuy We've all seen the cases and jackets and protectors for the iPod--ranging from silicone form-huggers to fully-encasing aluminum armor that may just stop a small bullet. There are some great products out there, but none I have come across display the sleek whimsy of the ipod until now.

Speck Products has released the iGuy--a poseable, bendable anthropomorphic case for the 4th Generation (4G) iPods and iPod Photo (including the 20. 30, 40, and 60 GB models). The rubberized form provides protection for the body (get it?) of the iPod, while a clear plastic plate protects the screen. We still don't advise getting it wet, however.

There is a cutout for the plugs and hold button on top, but as the rubber body is so thick, using an add-on accessory like the ever-popular iTrip by Griffin Technology (www.griffintechnology.com/products/itrip/) would be impossible--a shared quirk of most protective solutions for the iPod.

When it is time to charge the iPod, the case hinges about where the bellybutton would be, opening up a slit in the back of the iGuy, allowing it to "sit" on the dock, and giving the odd impression of a person seated on a throne...

The bulk of the iGuy renders it impractical for carry in a pocket or similar conveyance, but it is designed primarily for a stationary location on a desk or in a car, which works rather well in a cupholder due to the poseability of the figure. This makes a great addition to a boring desk or home office, and at only $34.95, falls easily within the lower end of the iPod-accessory price range.

For serious but whimsical protection of your investment, the iGuy is capable and ready for duty. Can kung-fu Podding be far behind...? [Britt Godwin]