Designing with Web Standards

Author: Jeffrey Zeldman ISBN: 0735712018 Pages:456 Find Designing with Web Standards on Amazon Jeffrey Zeldman has written a guide for web designers who want to adhere to a strict interpretation of web standards. Gone from his philosophy are the cheap hacks and inefficient workarounds that have been a staple of web development for many years. Zeldman argues that HTML should be used as it was intended - for providing document structure - and not used as a way to force design. If Cascading Style Sheets are used to provide the design and styling, a web page can be designed that is not only more efficient, but also viewable by any web browser. The book includes a brief history of the web, documents the browser wars of the late nineties, and discusses the repercussions of proprietary HTML tags. Ultimately, the book's main focus is an exploration of theoretical HTML and web standards, but also contains practical tips for building standards compliant web sites. For more information about Zeldman and web standards, visit his website at [Mathew Brady]