PDF Hacks

Author: Sid Steward
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 0596006551

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While the hacks concept has certainly morphed following the success of the original Google Hacks title, O'Reilly continues to cover topics in a way that puts a new spin on a topic or brings to light an under-represented topic. PDF Hacks falls into the latter category, providing important insight into the PDF publishing process, including many subtle tips and tricks vastly improving the process of taking text from Word, InDesign, Open Office, or even a simple text editor and converting to Portable Document Format. I thought I knew a ton about publishing documents in PDF format, until I read this book and realized I was doing a number of tasks in a very backward fashion. Hacks range in complexity from simple settings tweaks in Adobe Acrobat, creating Web forms designed to capture PDF data dynamically, PDF fax tricks, and even some Java programming code for outputting PDFs. A little something for all levels of PDF publishing. If you publish documents in the most widely distributed file format, PDF Hacks should be on your bookshelf.