Which Digital Media Converter is right for you?

It's been more than seven years since I first wrote about Digital Media Converter as a video conversion solution. The product has evolved nicely over time and adapted to various changes in video formats, adding features as customers and power users like me requested them. What started out as a simple way to batch convert your DivX AVI files and MPG files into something you could play on an iPod has become a great video conversion suite with two distinct versions, depending on your specific needs. The original version does batch processing and converts most common file formats, but lacks some of the more advanced features. Digital Media Converter Pro fills in the rest of the gaps. So how do you know which version of Digital Media Converter is right for you?

Here are a couple of simple questions to help you decide:

Do you have a camcorder or digital camera that records AVCHD video? If you answered yes, you definitely want the Pro version, because the standard version does not support AVCHD.

Do you download movies in either MKV or RMVB format? If you answered yes to this question, you also should look to the Pro version because the standard version cannot convert either format.

Do you want to convert videos to iPhone or iPod compatible MP4 files? Here again, if you answered yes, you should consider the Pro version, because the standard version does not create iOS compatible MP4 files.

If you answered yes to one of the three questions above, download Digital Media Converter Pro and start converting your files.

If you answered no to the three questions above, the only other two features you might consider are whether you want your video converter to download web videos and convert them or whether you want to set up a watch folder to automatically convert videos you download. For virtually everyone else, the standard version of Digital Media Converter should work great for your needs.

Standard features include the ability to convert MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files. AVI, WMV, and MOV conversion. Windows Media Center DVR-MS file conversion. And a long list of audio format conversions. If this sounds like what you need download Digital Media Converter and try out the fully-functional trial version.

One of my favorite uses for Digital Media Converter is doing batch conversions of WMA files to MP3, so that I can play them on any of the devices that don't support WMA. iTunes will do this on Windows, but I find Digital Media Converter to be far more efficient.